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Things to know about San Francisco

Want to know more about San Francisco? A lot of people has the same question in mind all time of the year. It is no wonder at all, because the San Francisco is one of the largest and most beautiful cities on planet. Cultural diversity is what characterizes San Fran, but that’s only a scratch of the cultural surface of this great city.

About San Francisco


Located on the west coast of United States of America, represents the multicultural capitol of that part of America. Although, there is Los Angeles and Hollywood, the capitol of world movie industry, S. Fran has its own landmarks which captivate the world constantly. Here you are to find more about San Francisco and you’ve come to the right place folks. Let’s start with a bit of history.


Brief history about San Francisco

First people to live in the area as we now know it as S.F. at the very beginning of the era of settlement were native Americans, widely known as Indians. The tribe’s name was Ohlone. They were living in a typical Indian community, until the first European settlers have come to occupy the area. It was in mid years of 18th century and since then; the story about San Francisco opened its first chapter. Middle years of 19th century, government declared S.F. a part of the United States of America. All the rest is known and this city has become one of the largest in America.

Which are the best restaurants in San francisco?

I love traveling, just like the most people do. An essential part of my impression of some city is the food I eat. I love a good and quality made food and that is why I always make a thorough search for the best one. Today I want to tell you about best restaurants in San Francisco Bay Area.

Before you find out more about best restaurants in S.F., you should know what criteria are used for selection of these. Even though the food is the biggest and most important part it is not the only thing that counts. I also took in consideration service provided, the way restaurant looks and of course, overall atmosphere and the feel these restaurants give to their guests.

Best restaurants in San Francisco

San Francisco earthquake 1906 changed peoples life

We will talk about the event that shake people all over the world, but it shake the most the citizens of S.F. because there were more than 3000 deaths. The ugly event about San Francisco earthquake 1906, happen on the April the eighteenth. It started at 5:12 a.m. and it was so devastating that the town was totally lost after and the fire that came after.

San Francisco earthquake 1906

Read more and learn!

The fire lasted for more than just a few days and the consequences of the fire were horrible and it was really a hard period for the S.F. and the people who were captured in it. Can you imagine that kind of disaster when nearly 3000 died in the natural catastrophe, which is today compared with Galveston Hurricane of 1900 and Hurricane Katrina in 2005th year? About San Francisco earthquake 1906 wasn’t so treating to make them miserable like the fire that started after and which was impossible to damp down.